Hello and Welcome!

I have been a professional photographer for nearly 15 years. I specialise in floral art, garden, insect, food and still life photography.

My interest in photography started when studying for my Open University Environmental Science degree and played an important part in my studies and recording  work in the field.

Today, my inspiration comes from everyday objects in close up macro, extreme macro or abstract forms, the more obscure the subject the better. I particularly love all the subjects from my garden, both floral, textures and the many inhabitants.

In recent years, I’ve combined my photography with digital art and produced some “interesting” combinations; like the dress on the left!

More of my Collection and Limited Edition artwork can be seen in the Art Gallery.

Michelle Whitmore

Digital Artist / Photographer

Sugar Frost
flowers & plants portfolio

Photography Plus

My passion for macro photography goes beyond taking photographs, I also like to talk and write about my subjects. I have been a regular speaker at The Societies annual Convention in London since 2012 and give presentations to local camera clubs, horticultural and garden societies and WI Groups. I have had a number of articles and images published in Professional ImageMaker and Photography Monthly Magazine. And, I have made several short films about macro and extreme macro photography for The Photographer Academy.

If you would like me to visit your club or society please get in touch.

With the help of some very important small people, well they were then, I have also written the first in a series of books on Photography Activities for Kids; the first book is entitled Creating Patterns and is available from Purple Chameleon Books, if you’d like to take a look.


More art is available to purchase as framed prints or on canvas from MW Fine Art Prints. These prints are not Limited Editions.

Rights Managed (RM) stock images are available from Arcangel Images for book, CD or a promotional project where an exclusive, highly creative image is required. Portfolio on Arcangel.

A few things about me

An insight into some of the other passions and guilty pleasures in my world.

Flowers + Gardens

Wandering round a well organised flower patch on a lazy afternoon ~ heaven!

Heavy Metal

There’s nothing like a heavy dose of loud music whilst creating a masterpiece.

Fast Jets

The manoeuvrability and  speed of these machines ~ simply breath-taking.


And finally – what’s not to love about spiders?
A gardeners best friend.

Oh, and did I mention our passion for building sheds OR our 7 crazy felines?

A Look Behind the Scenes

You don’t need a large studio or a big area to take macro or floral images; this is what my studio looks like.


My Office

We have a five-sided conservatory attached to the rear of house, most normal people would use it as it was designed for: as a sun-room and a place to relax or a greenhouse to grow exotic fruits and tropical plants. But to me its my little domain and my place to relax; its affectionately known as my studio.

I have an unused kitchen table which I use for my shooting area. There’s lots of storage space my endless supply of glass jars, bottles, vases and jugs. Plus the numerous props that I have picked up from charity shops!

But for me, one of the greatest benefits is the constant source of available natural light that is gently diffused by the carbon roof and from the big open windows.

So as you can see, a large studio is not essential. A kitchen table, small spare bedroom or a conservatory will do just the job.

Men have their sheds, I have my conservatory!

And if you’re really interested here’s what my garden looks like too!

Images currently being updated.


My Patch

I’m very lucky to have a reasonable sized garden to play with. It’s bigger than the usual postage stamp but not too big for one person to manage. Although secretly I would love more space, what I have is enough.

The garden’s not the standard square/rectangle shape – it’s a triangle. We have a very tiny front garden but the back garden appears to go on forever. I’ve made the most of the shape and divided it into 3 distinct areas.

In my garden you’ll find lots of flowers, shrubs and some trees. Mixed with a couple of nest boxes, a woodpile, 2 ponds and a greenhouse.

My garden is home to lots of insects and several species of birds, including the gorgeous  Goldcrest,

So as you can see, my garden is pretty average and not excessively tidy but the insects and wildlife are more than happy with it!

Qualifications & Accolades

2019 Fellowship Qualification (Illustrative) – Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

2017 Royal Photographic Society Members’ Biennial Exhibition “Contemplating a Bug’s Life”

2016 Associate Qualification (Creative) – Royal Photographic Society

2015 Associate Qualification – Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

2013 Associate Qualification – Society of International Nature & Wildlife Photographers

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