Meet the Artist

Michelle Whitmore

A little bit about me!

I’m Michelle: Artist, photographer, gardener, and grandmother.

I’ve been a professional photographer for nearly 15 years, specialising in floral art, garden, insect, food and still life photography. I also love to play in Photoshop, turning my photographs into works of Art. When I introduce myself I like to combine both arts and call myself an Artographer!

When I’m not in my studio (most people would call it a conservatory) you’ll find me in the garden or in the greenhouse.

As I approach 60, I’m allowing myself to follow my passion and have the courage to call myself an artist.

I’d love it if you joined me on my journey.



A picture of Michelle

What is an Artographer?

Digital Artist + Photographer = Artographer

Where it all began

Where it all began!

My interest in photography started when studying for my Open University Environmental Science degree and played an important part in my studies and recording  work in the field.

Today, my inspiration comes from the subjects in my garden, both floral and seasonal, the textures and it’s many inhabitants. I occasionally dabble in studio portraiture too.

I also love to learn new skills, so delving deep into Photoshop and combining it with my photography has been mind-blowing. PS has taken my digital art to another level and produced some “interesting” combinations; just like the “dress” on the left!

What inspires me?

I ignored the pull to acknowledge my inner artist for many years, probably because I can’t paint or draw.
However, I do have an imagination and have inspiration all around me! Here are a few . . .

Mother Nature - Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar

Mother Nature

My work is heavily influenced by the ever changing Seasons, the flora that grows in my garden, and the continuous stream of visitors we welcome throughout the year.

Our travels - Peggy's Cove, Canada

Our Travels

We love to cruise and wake up in a different destination every day. The variation of places we visit provide interesting backgrounds to many of my creations.

Pre-Raphaelite Muses - my inspiration

Pre-Raphaelite Muses

Living just a few miles from the country home of Pre-Raphaelite muse, Jane Morris and her husband William, it’s easy to be inspired by such an enterprising lady.

A few things about me

An insight into some of the other passions and guilty pleasures in my world.

Flowers + Gardens

Wandering round a well organised flower patch on a lazy afternoon ~ heaven!

Heavy Metal

There’s nothing like a heavy dose of loud music whilst creating a masterpiece.

Fast Jets

The manoeuvrability and  speed of these machines ~ simply breath-taking.


And finally – what’s not to love about spiders?
A gardeners best friend.

Oh, and did I mention our passion for building sheds OR our 4 crazy felines & nutty Huskita?

Our homes are our sanctuary and I’m honoured you chose mine to hang in yours.

A Look Behind the Scenes

A sneak peek behind the scenes where I work and my inspirational garden.


My Office

We have a five-sided conservatory at the rear of house, most normal people would use it as it was designed for as a sun-room and a place to relax or a greenhouse to grow exotic fruits and tropical plants. But for me its my creative place.

I’m lucky enough to have 2 workspaces, one for my PC and the other for my paints. The constant source of natural light from the big open windows, is great when I’m embellishing an image.

Men have their sheds, I have my conservatory!

My office
A visitor to my garden


My Patch

I’m very lucky to have a reasonable sized garden to play with. It’s bigger than the usual postage stamp but not too big for one person to manage. Although secretly I would love more space, what I have is enough.

The flowers, shrubs and some trees provide seasonal interest throughout the year. There’s also a couple of nest boxes, a woodpile, 2 ponds and a greenhouse providing homes to lots of insects and several species of birds.

2023 will see lots of changes as I give it a facelift!

Very clever & stylish pictures



2023 Open Exhibition – Woodborough Club, Pewsey

2023 Swindon Open Studios – The Barn, Stanton Fitzwarren

2017 Royal Photographic Society Members’ Biennial Exhibition “Contemplating a Bug’s Life”

Qualifications & Accolades

2024 20×16″ Creative Photographer of the Year 2024 – Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

2019 Fellowship Qualification (Illustrative) – Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

2016 Associate Qualification (Creative) – Royal Photographic Society