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Being an artist is the same as being a wizard . . .
Only, instead of using a wand, I use a mouse to create my magic.



Les Quatre Saisons ~ Spring Collection

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The very latest additions to our Collection

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About Us

Every artist has their favourite papers, paints and mediums that they like to use throughout their work. Find out more about what I like to use and why.

Whilst you’re there you can find out a little bit more about my background, about me and what makes me tick ~ one or two things might surprise you.

Michelle Whitmore

Digital Artist / Photographer



Take a look at the Featured Galleries in our Catalogue

Fleur de Mascarade

A highly desirable collection of hand-embellished Limited Edition prints.

Doors & Windows

Images of doors & windows can invoke memories or dreams of distant places.

Les Quatre Saisons

A series of flower ballgowns displayed on a mannequin.


Interiors from around the world to suit any style of decor.

Watercolour Flowers

Traditional English flowers found in cottage gardens.


Interesting architecture from around the world.

Summer ’19 Collection ~ coming soon

Art is often created through the re-imagining of ordinary things!

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