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About Us

A look behind the scenes at Michelle Whitmore Art Gallery


Meet Michelle Whitmore

I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years, specialising in floral art and insect photography.

I’ve never really been a hands-on arty person but over the past few years I have fallen head over heels in love with the digital darkroom – big time! I can spend many hours brainstorming an idea, shooting models, insects, flowers et al. Then create unique and unusual pieces of art, just like the one on the left.

There’s something very special about taking a subject out of its natural environment, infusing some additional images, adding textures and applying some digital wizardry to create something unique; and all whilst trying to maintain a natural look.

Some pieces are embellished with Gold leaf and acrylic paint to add to the magic.

I’ve heard my work described as “Fine Art meets Contemporary Surrealism meets illogical contemplation with a touch of fairy dust.” I like that description – a lot!!

Michelle Whitmore

Digital Artist / Photographer

A few things about me

An insight into some of the other passions and guilty pleasures in my world.

Flowers + Gardens

Wandering round a well organised flower patch on a lazy afternoon ~ heaven!

Heavy Metal

There’s nothing like a heavy dose of loud music whilst creating a masterpiece.

Fast Jets

The manoeuvrability and  speed of these machines ~ simply breath-taking.


And finally – what’s not to love about spiders?
A gardeners best friend.

Oh, did I mention our passion for building sheds?

A little about the Artwork

Only the Best is
good enough

Only the Finest Materials

To give your Artwork it’s unique look, each piece of art is printed on the finest Giclée paper. It comes with it’s very own unique Certificate of Authenticity. AND . . . authentic security code. 
This applies to ALL prints.

A number of Limited Edition pieces are carefully embellished by hand, using genuine 24ct Gold Leaf and high quality acrylic paint. You can be sure that no 2 pieces are exactly the same.

We guarantee ALL Limited Editions are only available for the number of prints stated at each size – once the edition has sold out they will no longer be available.

Museum Archival Paper


Hand Embellished



Certificate of Authenticity


Qualifications & Accolades

2019 Fellowship Qualification (Illustrative) – Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

2017 Royal Photographic Society Members’ Biennial Exhibition “Contemplating a Bug’s Life”

2016 Associate Qualification (Creative) – Royal Photographic Society

2015 Associate Qualification – Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

2013 Associate Qualification – Society of International Nature & Wildlife Photographers

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