The Artwork

A look behind the scenes at the materials used
Only the Best is
good enough

Only the Finest Materials

To give your Artwork it’s unique look, each piece of art is printed on the finest Giclée paper. It comes with it’s very own unique Certificate of Authenticity. AND . . . authentic security code.

This applies to ALL prints!

A number of Limited Edition pieces are carefully embellished by hand, using genuine 24ct Gold Leaf and high quality acrylic paint. You can be sure that no 2 pieces are exactly the same.

We guarantee ALL Limited Editions are only available for the number of prints stated at each size – once the edition has sold out they will no longer be available.

Museum Archival Paper

Hand Embellished


Certificate of Authenticity

Simply the Best


Paper, Paper, Paper

I have 2 favourite papers that I’m currently using. The first is Museum Heritage, a 310 gsm archival paper. It’s an outstanding textured fine art paper with a lovely rough weave with random undulation.

I also use a gorgeous Photo Art Silk paper, this one is slightly less heavy at 290 gsm but it doesn’t feel it. This paper has a luxurious, smooth silk finish giving the prints a vibrant sheen to the image.

Both papers are acid-free and water resistant, and have been tested for archival stability; making them some of the best Giclée papers on the market.

More importantly, all the paper types are chosen as they provide the quality and texture I think my images deserve.



Genuine 24ct Gold Leaf

For thousands of years craftsmen have used the fine art of gilding to create masterpieces. I’m happy to say that this practice has not been lost over the years and it’s a technique I love to use.

Each Limited Edition print is hand decorated with acrylic paints to bring out the colours of the piece.

Applying Genuine 24ct Gold Lead to the image gives an added dimension.

Because every piece is individually crafted, you can be sure that no 2 pieces of art are exactly the same.

Behind the Scenes
The real deal


Certificate of Authenticity

Every artwork comes with it’s own Certificate of Authenticity: providing details of the artwork, the author, mediums used, plus a statement of authenticity. All certificates are signed by Michelle Whitmore herself.

Certificates for Limited Edition artwork will also be numbered. For example 1 of 25 or 3 of 5 etc.

Each Certificate of Authenticity is completed with a unique, verifiable, tamper-proof security code. This finishing touch GUARANTEES an authentic identification for your artwork.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look behind the scenes, if there’s anything else you’d like to know then please ask.

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