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Good Business Practise

This is the final blog post in the series and features anything else I think is worth a mention. They are not specifically photography related but good business practise in general. So you want to start a photography business? Part VII: Good business practise. Be...


Importance of Good Training

So you've got the gear and know how to use it, you think you know how to use Photoshop properly and that's all there is to know. Well actually . . . NO. In truth the learning never stops. So you want to start a photography business? Part VI: Good training never...


Making Your Business Work

Choosing your business name and logo, setting up your shiny website and having something to sell to clients is just the starting point. Now you need to get out there and tell people all about yourself and what your do - market yourself. This is where the real work...


Products and Pricing

I suppose the next thing to think about is your products and pricing plan. So you want to start a photography business? Part IV: What products are you going to sell? When I asked this question to someone recently his response was a little amusing, "Is it not just...


Your Website

So you want to start a photography business? Part III: Your website. Do you really need a website? 15-20 years ago the number of businesses with a website was very minimal with many photographers having an actual studio on the local High Street or a car boot full...


Setting up a Photography Business

Several times over the past few weeks I have either been asked various questions related to starting up a photography business OR have heard the infamous "I have a nice camera, how hard can it be to run my own business?" This has prompted me to put together a...


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