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Digital Artist, Qualifications

Creating the Dresses

As promised in my previous post, a more detailed look at creating the dresses used in La Boule de Fleur Mascarade. Quick overview: Some single flowers lend themselves to be dresses naturally, others take a little more persuading; in total I used 4 different...

Digital Artist, Qualifications

The Power of Printing

Being a photographer in the digital age can make you lazy. It's all too easy to take hundreds and thousands of images and do absolutely nothing with them, leaving them to lie abandoned in some obscurely named folder on the remotest part of your hard-drive. As for...

Digital Artist

Finger Exercises

One of the exercises in my new PhotoArtistry course is Fingers Exercises. The title is a little misleading as it has absolutely nothing to do with fingers or exercising 🙂 The object of the finger exercise is to create a quick digital composition in about 15 mins,...

Digital Artist

The Journey Continues

As you all know, I am predominantly a macro photographer with a passion for flowers and insects and occasionally dabbling in Photoshop. In the past I used the odd texture to make the background more interesting and that was it. Whilst creating my LadyBug series, I...


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