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Interview with Angela Adams

Just after Christmas, last year, I had an interview request from the lovely Angela Adams asking if I fancied being the featured photographer in her next article? Was there an answer other than yes? Of course, I wasn't going to refuse such a request. About Angela...

Angela Adams interview
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The Masquerade Ball

Creating The Masquerade Ball. The initial seeds for the Masquerade Ball project were sown in January 2015, just a few weeks after I had been awarded my Associate in Portraiture with the my Ladybugs. Most of my macro photography centres around garden insects,...

Art Gallery
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Fellowship Qualification

Fellowship Qualification: After a couple of false starts and plan changes I've finally submitted my Fellowship qualification. And I'm really excited to say that I passed, and am now an Illustrative Fellow of The Societies. Following the success of The LadyBugs, I...

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Associate Qualification

Associate Qualification - Creative Category I've been a member of the Royal Photographic Society since 2010 and gained my Licentiate a few months later. In the past year I have become the organiser for the Distinctions Advisory Days for the Western Region. It was...

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Wizard of Foaminess

The Wizard of Foaminess In the past I've written about hidden surprises when taking an unexpected journey and  stepping out of ones comfort zone to follow an unexplored pathway; well it happened to me again at the end of March. One Friday morning my friend...

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Curiosity of Entomorphosis

Summer 2014 You may have noticed I spent the summer of 2014 photographing a number of models, I know, something of a rarity for me. I can now reveal that I that I was working on a series of images to submit for my Associate qualification in Portraiture. I wanted to...

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Photographic Journey

I've noticed that every now and again something happens, sometimes good and sometimes bad, that takes you on an unexpected photographic journey. It is happening to me more and more frequently recently and taking me on some totally unexpected routes. Photographic...

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Something New

A really soggy start to the New Year  continued into a wet February and the need for something new, fresh and a little different was needed for me to focus on. After the success of the Macro Insects webinar at the end of January, on behalf of The Photographer...


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