Extreme Macro Workshop


Extreme Macro Photography Workshop

Extreme macro photography takes the world of photography to another realm; one that goes beyond the normal visibility of the human eye and uncovers a hidden world that can truly take your breath away.

This workshop focuses on extreme macro photography. Using the Canon 65 mm MP-E lens, a focusing rail and stacking software, it offers a sound base for anyone wanting to try something a little different. It also provides you with the opportunity to try out the equipment & software prior to purchasing.

The workshop is deliberately split into two sections as each session requires plenty of time and lots of patience.

Part 1 is a hands on session; we will be looking at the equipment we can use and in particular the Canon 65 mm MP-E macro lens and its capabilities. We will photograph a number of different subjects using the different magnifications to show off the full range of this wonderful lens.

Please note that the Canon 65 mm MP-E lens is ONLY available for the Canon camera – there is NO Nikon equivalent.

We will also look at extension tubes plus the Raynox MSN-202 Super Macro attachment lens as a less expensive alternative that produces similar results. This lens attachment can be used on all lenses with a 71mm diameter, regardless of make.

In Part 2 is the technical session; we will look at the stacking software I use to obtain such clear and detailed images; this will also include a demonstration of the Zerene Stacking Software. This will be followed by a 1-2-1 session processing the images taken during the 1st part of the Extreme Macro photography workshop using Zerene Stacker and Photoshop.

The subjects chosen will provide you with a range of images to demonstrate the capability of the Canon MP-E 65mm and the world of Extreme Macro photography; subject material will mainly include garden flora and still life subjects.

I will give as little or as much guidance and technical assistance as you require. This advice can include the challenges of Extreme Macro photography, camera settings to get the best results, the use of ring-flash lighting, specialist equipment used and software.

The Extreme-Macro photography workshop requires no previous experience.

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Equipment required:

We recommend a minimum requirement of a DSLR camera and a lens of your choice. A tripod and remote shutter release is also useful for this type of photography. By prior arrangement, we can loan you a Canon camera with a macro lens if required allowing you to transfer your images on a disc or memory stick so reducing the need for acquiring specialist equipment before the workshop.

The workshop is scheduled to run from 1030 am until 4.30 pm with a break for lunch.

Due to the niche style of  extreme macro photography and the equipment needed the workshop is run on a 1-2-1, and occasionally a 1-2-2, basis. The cost of this workshop is £195 and £150 respectively. Please contact me to arrange a date to suit.

Please note: The subject material is provisional and subject to change depending on seasonal availability.

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