Finger Exercises

by | Digital Artist

One of the exercises in my new PhotoArtistry course is Fingers Exercises. The title is a little misleading as it has absolutely nothing to do with fingers or exercising 🙂

The object of the finger exercise is to create a quick digital composition in about 15 mins, the idea is to get the creative juices flowing without over-thinking what you’re doing.

The format of each image is very simple – 2 images and 2 textures.

The idea is to take 1 image and 1 texture and blend them together. Then add another image and texture and blend them. Once that’s done you can duplicate, move an image about, blend further or add a filter until you are happy with the composition then SAVE it. No additional messing or fiddling just save it as it is – yeah right, resisting temptation is too great 🙂

Here are the 5 finger exercises I have completed this week. They’re not brilliant but they’re also not too bad for first attempts.

The images used are a combination of my own and some of the course material, same goes for the textures. I have used a couple of brushes on one or two of the images just to give them a finishing touch, like the butterflies in Woodland Nymph.

Golden Leaves

Abandoned Palace

Spanish Dancer

Special Day

Woodland Nymph

The majority of my photography evolves around nature and wildlife so I can see using people and landscapes as a challenge. I have made a special effort to include them this week and will hopefully continue to do so.

Next week we are allowed to add more images and elements so it will be interesting to see where it all leads to. 🙂



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