spring-insectsInsects you are most likely to see in the spring, they can often be seen at other times but seem to be more obvious at the beginning of the year.

Bees: Essential insects for pollinating and producing honey, unfortunately they don’t hang around for very long so patience is required.

Ladybird: Useful insects that feed on garden pests such as aphids and scale insects. Very rarely to these little bugs stand still and can fly off at any moment so can be tricky to photograph.

Caterpillars: The larval form of butterflies and moths, they can cause much damage to plants and crops but due to their relatively slow movements they are easy to photograph.

Hoverfly: Very similar to bees, hoverflies are important early pollinators that are also the natural enemies of many garden pests.

Shieldbug: Another garden predator that controls pest insects. They can be motionless but once spotted  make easy subjects.

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