Summer time is when you see a different set of insect species that prefer the warmer, drier weather, and the longer days and shorter nights.


Spiders: I know not everyone’s favourite but brilliant workers in the garden. There are several species to be found in most gardens; they thrive on the aphids and other flying insects.

Butterflies & Moths: Butterflies and moths are used by many as an indicator measure to determine the health of an environment and the range of species in that environment. They are essential for our garden maintenance for pollination and as natural pest control. They are also an important element in the food chain and support a range of predators and parasites.

Moths: I’ve included moths as well as butterflies as they have a different set of photography challenges as most of them are only about and dusk and in the evening.

Aphids: Also known as plant lice, they are one of the gardens not so nice bugs as they suck the sap from plants and cause distorted growth and damage to crops. However, they are pretty to photograph all the same as they don’t move very fast.

Spider mite: Very similar to the aphids in that they also suck the sap from plants and cause damage but are interesting little critters if you can get one to sit still for long enough.

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