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Hand Printed:

Whilst browsing the Art Gallery you may have noticed the term “Hand Printed” written in the description, and recently I have been asked what exactly does that mean?

My reply, “It simply means that I do everything myself.”

Let me explain.

Every Little Step:

All my images start off as a photograph I have taken and then manipulated in Photoshop before it’s selected, or not as the case maybe, to become part of a Collection.

I currently have 3 favourite art papers I like to use, and interestingly, each of the papers is used for a different Collection. Once printed I then inspect the print quality to see if there are any flaws or to ensure the ink didn’t start to run out part way through leaving lines across the print. If there’s anything I’m not happy with, even the minutest of flaws, then I will reprint it. I firmly believe that the paper is part of the final product, and only use good quality paper to bring my work to life. 

An image by Michelle Whitmore being printed

Then it’s onto mounting.

Again, I select the mounts and core colour depending on the Collection. Why? Because I like to keep everything uniform within a Collection, I’ve found this really useful for Collectors who want to buy more than one as it means they can display them as part of a set. Occasionally, I use a double mount with an accent colour to enhance the image even more, a good example of this is Queen Bee which has a double mount with a gold accent that reflects the gold hints within the image.

A selection of mounts I use.

The final step is to sign the print, produce the Certificate of Authenticity, write a thank you note, package the item and take it to the Post Office.

So I guess you could say that each step a print goes through, from start to finish, has been lovingly touched by my fair hand. 

And I think that’s what makes my prints that little bit more special in that they have been hand printed just for you, at your request.

Sorry – no mass production here!


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