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Interview with Angela Adams

Just after Christmas, 2018, I had an interview request from the lovely Angela Adams asking if I fancied being the featured photographer in her next article?

Was there an answer other than yes? Of course, I wasn’t going to refuse such a request.

About Angela Adams:

Angela is a feature writer and has a regular column, Angie’s Angle, in Professional ImageMaker. This is the bi-monthly magazine sent to member of The Societies.

Not only is Angela a writer but she is also a very accomplished photographer too, hold several awards and titles, including 2 Grand Masters awards for her work. She is also known within the photographic community as a recognised mentor, photography judge and speaker. And to top it all off, she’s a lovely lady!

Needless to say, when she asked if I would be her next “victim”, I jumped at the chance 🙂

Angela asked a series of questions around based my photography and my motivations and inspirations and the challenges I encounter. We also discussed exciting things like branding, website, SEO and social media. The interview also gave me the opportunity to talk a little about the Photoshop Artistry course I’ve been doing. And to discuss how it’s transforming my photography and the images I take and what I do with them after.

Angela Adams Interview

Enough of the waffle from me, here is the finished article. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Angela Adams is based in Norwich, Norfolk.

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