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Now What?

You’ve bought your new piece of art but now what to do with it?

Framing your Artwork:

When it comes to protecting your art pieces, the first vital thing is to ensure that it’s framed properly

It doesn’t matter if that’s a photograph, a print or a canvas, you purchased it to look at and admire and most of all – to enjoy; so a good frame is the one that protects and determines the future life of your art piece. 

There are plenty of standard products on the market but if you’ve paid a lot for a piece you might want to consider looking for a professional framer. They’re not as expensive as you think and there is something quite satisfying in making the piece more personal as you get to chose the mat and the frame.

Hanging your Artwork:

When hanging your artwork, it’s always a good idea to make sure you know the kind of wall you’re going to hang on and the hook you use is strong enough to support your artwork. Then, consider the weight of the work and the strength of the wall on which it will be hung. Most moderately sized pieces can be hung from two nails or screws, or a traditional picture hook. However particularly large or heavy works may need more substantial fixings.

I’d also recommend that you examine the fixing on the back of the artwork to determine the best way to attach it to the wall, especially if you have purchased a standard industry frame. If you’re unsure about the best way to hang your piece, chat to a framer for some suggestions.

Caring for your Artwork:

Once your artwork is safely up on the wall the hard work is over. Caring for your artwork will ensure it looks its best for years to come.  



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