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Primrose Mosaics:

Every now and again it’s nice to do something a little different. Whether it’s a challenge or a new experience or to try a new skill. As part of my 60th year I want to try new crafts and I started, along with my friend Sue, with glass mosaics at the studio of Primrose Mosaics. We opted for the beginners taster class making a pair of sparkle drops for the garden.

We went on a cold January morning but Jacquie’s lovely garden studio was warm and toasty.

Primrose Mosaics Studio

We had 2 acrylic teardrops each and containers of glass of all colours to choose from. Jacquie demonstrated how to create the piece and how to cut the glass safely and off we went. My first teardrop was quite abstract and used a selection of autumnal colours randomly placed with some circular pieces added to the mix. The 2nd one was more structured in design and the colours remind me of a kingfisher. Sue and I were so engrossed in what we were doing that time just flew by. 

The workshop was for 3 hours, which doesn’t give enough time for the pieces to dry properly before grouting so Jacquie demonstrated how to finish it off before we left. 

Both sets of teardrops

A couple of weekends later we met up again and spent a happy Saturday afternoon putting the world to rights whilst getting very messy doing the grouting.

Grouting the teardrops

I must say that I’m very impressed with how both pieces turned out and that neither of us cut ourselves on the glass.

If you fancy giving mosaics a try give Jacquie at Primrose Mosaics a call, you’ll need to book in advance as the classes sell out very quickly, especially the beginners ones.

So now we’re on the look out for other craft classes, if you know of any or happen to run one yourself please let me know.


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