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A really soggy start to the New Year  continued into a wet February and the need for something new, fresh and a little different was needed for me to focus on.

After the success of the Macro Insects webinar at the end of January, on behalf of The Photographer Academy, I started receiving questions about what plants I have in my garden, how easy is ABC to grow and when should I be planting XYZ as well as a number of questions on the insects.

Shortly after the webinar I gave a similar talk to Wantage camera club and again I had very similar questions. A few days later I had a call from one of the members asking if I would be interested in giving the talk to his wife’s Horticultural Society next year.

Enter the 3am moment of inspiration followed by a brain-storming session with one half of myself whilst the other half is trying to insist I go back to sleep as I had to get up for work in the morning!!

So it strikes me that there is a gap between the desire to photograph our garden bugs and beasties and the physically getting started or knowing what plants encourage which species etc. or simply for some inspiration to get started. Now I am not an expert gardener more like a passionate one but I’m also a photographer who loves to photograph bugs and creepy crawlies as well as flowers so I love combining the two.

The result of my middle-of-the-night-ramblings is a new website that incorporates:

In the Garden:

The Garden area will cover a little bit of gardening in general, a big bit of plants and flowers, a big bit of garden visitors and also a ideas of how to encourage species into your garden and also how to photograph them. Just for a change of scenery I’ll also be stepping out and about every now and again into other people’s garden’s to see the different ideas of gardening we all have.

In the Studio:

The Studio part of the website will cover macro photography, flower photography, the odd tutorial, some colour palettes I have been playing with recently, the joys of working from a home studio and of course details of my Macro workshops.

And finally …

The Art Gallery:

The Art Gallery is where I will be selling some of my Floral Fine Art prints. Its something I’ve been threatening to do for the last few years but haven’t gotten around to doing so now seems like the right time to get backside into gear. There a few images on-line at the moment with a host more waiting to be added over the coming weeks and months.

I have been working on this new website for the past couple of months and would love to hear your views on the new website, and please contact me if there is something you would like covered.

Many thanks

Michelle x


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