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Interview with Angela Adams

Just after Christmas, last year, I had an interview request from the lovely Angela Adams asking if I fancied being the featured photographer in her next article? Was there an answer other than yes? Of course, I wasn't going to refuse such a request. About Angela...

Angela Adams interview
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Creating the Dresses

As promised in my previous post, a more detailed look at creating the dresses used in La Boule de Fleur Mascarade. Quick overview: Some single flowers lend themselves to be dresses naturally, others take a little more persuading; in total I used 4 different...

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The Masquerade Ball

Creating The Masquerade Ball. The initial seeds for the Masquerade Ball project were sown in January 2015, just a few weeks after I had been awarded my Associate in Portraiture with the my Ladybugs. Most of my macro photography centres around garden insects,...

Art Gallery
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Fellowship Qualification

Fellowship Qualification: After a couple of false starts and plan changes I've finally submitted my Fellowship qualification. And I'm really excited to say that I passed, and am now an Illustrative Fellow of The Societies. Following the success of The LadyBugs, I...

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The Power of Printing

Being a photographer in the digital age can make you lazy. It's all too easy to take hundreds and thousands of images and do absolutely nothing with them, leaving them to lie abandoned in some obscurely named folder on the remotest part of your hard-drive. As for...

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Woodland Workshop

Woodland Workshop I've spoken in the past about how stepping out of ones comfort zone and doing something completely different, call it continuous professional development (CPD) if you want. Well, nothing could be more of a contrast to shooting macro and still life...

Out & About

Nutford Lodge Sculpture Garden

Sculpture in the Garden During the daytime I work about 9 miles outside Swindon on the edge of a lovely little Oxfordshire village. The type of village which forms a string of villages all joined by a winding road that's a joy to bumble along on on a nice...

Out & About

Swindon Open Studios 2017

My recent ventures into the Digital Art world has got me thinking about creating pieces of artwork to sell as an addition source of revenue. This then led to the inevitably obvious questions of: How do I go about it? How do I get my work seen? Is it really good...

Digital Artist

Finger Exercises

One of the exercises in my new PhotoArtistry course is Fingers Exercises. The title is a little misleading as it has absolutely nothing to do with fingers or exercising 🙂 The object of the finger exercise is to create a quick digital composition in about 15 mins,...


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