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Colour Palettes

Calla Lily

I've been busy making some changes to the website in recent months but decided to take some time out this morning to make a colour palette of one of the Calla Lily's I took a few months ago. I have been asked how I make them so I will be putting together a tutorial...

Out & About

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling. We all have our people who inspire us in both our personal and professional lives. One lady whose work I look to for inspiration when I want to do something a little different is visual storytelling photographer Cristina Colli....

Model Portfolio

Masked Ball

I recently had the pleasure of the lovely AmzyKat in the studio. The theme for our shoot was a masked ball. I made all the masks from foam using some of the skills I acquired from my visit to the Wizard. And Amy supplied the gowns. [gallery size="medium"...

Studio News

Wizard of Foaminess

The Wizard of Foaminess In the past I've written about hidden surprises when taking an unexpected journey and  stepping out of ones comfort zone to follow an unexplored pathway; well it happened to me again at the end of March. One Friday morning my friend...


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