A few hints and observations to think about when going for a photographic qualification

As promised in my previous post, a more detailed look at creating the dresses used in La Boule de Fleur Mascarade.

masquerade ball - ladies

Creating The Masquerade Ball. The initial seeds for the Masquerade Ball project were sown in January 2015, just a few weeks after I had been awarded

Fellowship Qualification: After a couple of false starts and plan changes I’ve finally submitted my Fellowship qualification. And I’m really excited to say that I


Being a photographer in the digital age can make you lazy. It’s all too easy to take hundreds and thousands of images and do absolutely nothing with them, leaving them to lie abandoned in some obscurely named

There are occasions where you don’t want to add a mount to an image but still give the illusion of one being there. This can be done in Photoshop by extending the size of the canvas to create

Associate Qualification – Creative Category I’ve been a member of the Royal Photographic Society since 2010 and gained my Licentiate a few months later. In the past year I have become the organiser for the Distinctions

In the previous 6 posts I have looked at reasons why you should aim for a photography qualification, how to select, print and panel your images, how to create a hanging plan and write a statement of intent, and what

Writing a Statement of Intent The Statement of Intent is like a  personal statement. It’s your opportunity to tell the Assessment panel what your submission is about and to detail the purpose, objective or intent of your work.


The benefits of attending an Advisory Day. Advisory days are intended to provide guidance to RPS members and non-members who are considering applying for a Distinction. They offer an opportunity for you to view

Creating a Hanging Plan / Contact Sheet The 2 most common ways of creating a contact sheet / hanging plan are using Lightroom or using Photoshop. To save confusion between the 2 methods I have done a separate blog post for each.