Meet Michelle Whitmore

A little bit about me . . .

Profile-Pic-Michelle-WhitmoreMy interest in macro photography developed whilst I was studying for my Environmental Science degree with the Open University. Photography played a large part in the way that I could record information about environments and habitats. The images were helpful in identifying plant, insect, lichen and bird species, rock formations and other items found on field-trips. They also played a valuable part in my assignments and dissertation as I used them to compliment my work and to show my findings. Over the years this has developed into all things macro.

Today my inspiration comes from everyday objects in close up macro, extreme macro or abstract forms, the more obscure the subject the better. I particularly love the subjects from my garden.

My passion for macro photography goes beyond taking photographs, I also like to talk and write about my subjects. I have been a regular speaker at The Societies annual Convention in London since 2012 and give presentations to local camera clubs, horticultural and garden societies and WI Groups. I have had a number of articles and images published in Professional ImageMaker and Photography Monthly Magazine. And, I have made several short films about macro and extreme macro photography for The Photographer Academy.

If you would like me to visit your club or society please get in touch.

With the help of some very important small people, I have just completed the first in a series of books on Photography Activities for Kids; the first book is entitled Creating Patterns and is available from Purple Chameleon Books, if you’d like to take a look.

In October 2016 I was awarded my Royal Photographic Society Associate qualification in the Creative category with my re-edited Lady Bugs. This goes with the Associate qualifications I already hold with the SINWP and the SWPP.


Behind the scenes

You don’t need a large studio or a big area to take macro or floral images; take a look behind the scenes and see what my studio looks like.

And if you’re really interested here’s what my garden looks like.

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