Model Work

As many of you who know me will already know, I do not generally photography people and model work is an unknown quantity altogether!!

However, over the past couple of months John has suggested that I get to know the lighting in the studio a little better and that we engage some models so I can get the hang of it. We will also have the services of a newly qualified MUA called Alley from Pink Lady Makeup Artistry.

For each model we will be shooting 2 completely different looks using fabric cut-offs, corsets and other items we have in the studio, finished off with complimentary jewellery and millinery pieces. Hopefully at the end of it we will all some have some lovely images to add to our portfolio’s.

I’ll be charting my progress over the coming weeks and will no doubt come to some conclusions at the end of it so watch this space lol.

The first young lady into the studio was the lovely Sophie.


The second week we welcomed Kyrie (Forsaken Desires) into the studio and had some fun.

As you can see totally different looks from each of the girls.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the next leg of this journey takes me next.


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