Portfolio Shoots

Model Portfolio Shoots

The recent series of model portfolio shoots has now come to an end. We concluded this weekend with the visit of the bubbly Kerri and the lovely Nicole.

As with all the previous shoots I wanted each look to be something totally different from what I had done before.

Kerri was brave enough to take on 3 looks. The first was an attempt at a cave woman with a wild kind of look, I think the look sort of worked but if I was to repeat the session I would use less of the fur fabric as it looks really bulky.

The second look was inspired by an image of Marilyn Monroe wearing a big floppy hat. By chance I had a big floppy pink hat in the studio which I matched with some pink fabric and some pearl beads to create a classy look that was significantly different from the cave woman set.

The final set from Kerri was loosely based on the Roaring 20’s look.

Nicole return to the studio to shoot her 2nd set, this time a sassy look using a simple black corset.

And finally . . .

I’d like to thank my MUA accomplice on this series of images. Alley completed her HND in media studies in June and was looking to collaborate on a collection of images to launch her business with, I think we’ve managed to achieve that very successfully. Although I must admit that despite discussing make-up ideas, most weeks she had no idea what the actual theme was.

For me, it’s been an interesting learning curve and one that I’ve mostly enjoyed, although there have been moments, but I think it’s good to step out of ones comfort zone every now and again and do something completely different. Not saying I won’t do this again but you never know . . . so the models who have contacted me as a result of this series asking if I will do a portfolio shoot with them, look out for casting calls in the New Year 😉

Michelle xx

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