My Office

In the Studio

We have a five-sided conservatory attached to the rear of house, most normal people would use it as it was designed for: as a sun-room and a place to relax or a greenhouse to grow exotic fruits and tropical plants. But to me its my little domain and my place to relax; its affectionately known as my studio.

A little guided tour of what’s in the studio.


I have an unused kitchen table which I use for my shooting area. For my backgrounds I use a colour paper backdrop from  or some A3 coloured card I have brought from Hobbycraft. I also have some black velvet fabric and some window net curtains.

But for me, one of the greatest benefits is the constant source of available natural light that is gently diffused by the carbon roof and from the big open windows.


I have made sure I have lots of shelf storage space in the studio, most of its getting a little on the full side and another bookcase might be needed very soon … oh dear!!

I have what seems like an endless supply of glass jars, bottles, vases and jugs which I use in many of my floral portraits.


And even more jugs and jars on the window-sills.


Added into this little mix is a range of seedheads, bark, rocks, drift wood, logs, cork and cones that I use on the Macro Photography Workshops and also as backgrounds and platforms when shooting insects.


There are also a number of odd props that I have picked up from charity shops or had donated to me by friends and family. On one of the shelves are a few computer items that are great for abstract macro work.


So as you can see, a large studio is not essential. A kitchen table, small spare bedroom or a conservatory will do just the job.

Men have their sheds, I have my conservatory!

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