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Speaker Talks 2017

As an experienced macro photographer I regularly give illustrated speaker talks to camera clubs, horticultural societies and WI members exploring various aspects of macro photography, garden photography and insect photography; I also have a couple of talks related to protecting and selling images on-line.

I try to make these talks as interesting and informative possible and enjoy the reactions and interaction with club members.

I am always adding new talks and presentations to my list and ‘retiring’ older ones.



I am currently offering the following:

A Year in the Suburban Jungle




This talk represents a photographic journey of a typical year in a normal suburban garden; it encompasses different flora and fauna commonly found in many UK gardens.

During this talk I will discuss: photographing the flora and fauna, the equipment used, methods of encouraging wildlife, photographing plants and foliage as well as flowers, and making the most of small spaces.


We will a look at the secrets to successful garden wildlife photography and discuss:

* The different insect, birds and mammal species we are likely to encounter

* How to photograph them successfully

* The types of plants needed to encourage wildlife in to a garden

* The importance of food and water

* The need to create a variety of habitats

We will also look at how the seasons and the weather shape the garden ecosystem, how the seasons blend into one another, and the different life cycles of the inhabitants and what that means for both the gardener and the photographer.

I illustrate my talk with images of flowers and insects taken in my own garden in Swindon, Wiltshire.


Abstract Macro Art:




Macro photography is a fascinating field of photography but it can also be an expensive one. We take a look the best way for you to get the most out of your Macro lens by looking at every day things around you in greater detail and viewing them as works of Art.

During this talk we will discuss the alternatives to a dedicated Macro lens AND explore lighting on a budget.


I will also outline 10-15 simple and uncomplicated ideas that will produce stunning pieces of Art,  that can potentially provide you an additional source of income through the sales of canvases and Fine Art prints or ones that you’ll be proud to hang on your own wall.

Each project discussed can be carried out on the kitchen table using simple household items with very little expenditure needed.

Items used in the projects include:
Water & other household liquids, food, kitchen utensils, stationery, glass, soft furnishings, plastics and textures.


Protecting your on-line image:




This talk is about what photographers can do to identify their Intellectual Property and Copyrighted material and looks at the various ways to protect and prevent images from being downloaded and used without permission and prevent them from becoming Orphan images.




During the talk I will discuss and demonstrate the following:

* The importance of exif data

* Metadata: what is it, what to include and how to insert it in LightRoom, Bridge and PS.

* Ensuring your images do not become “Orphans”.

* Creating your own personal image catalogue / on-line library

* Ways to deter downloading images from websites.

* Various types of watermarks.

* Methods of protecting your image to prove the image is yours if legally challenged.

* What to do if all the above fails.


Unravelling the mysteries of opening an on-line retail store:



I have been thinking about opening an on-line store to sell my floral and abstract macro images for over 12 months but one thing or another has always gotten in the way. After attending a few key masterclasses at The Societies 2014 Convention I was determined to make it happen in 2014.

I will be starting this project from scratch so this will be a warts and all session with no holds barred.



To give myself a fighting chance I will be setting up my own personal retail store on a dedicated website AND an Etsy store to increase my prospective audience and potential sales.

I will look at how to set up an on-line store:

  • Create your own brand
  • How to engage with potential clients
  • Incentives for repeat business from existing clients
  • Those extra touches to make you stand out from the crowd
  • What works – what doesn’t work!!

Please join me for this talk as I chart my successes and failures over the course of 2014 through to January 2015 and beyond.


New for 2017 – Dissecting the LadyBugs

If you are interested in any of these talks please contact me.

I am happy to travel within a 30 mile radius of Swindon for the standard mileage allowance and a cup of tea. If you are outside the 30 mile radius please contact me and we can discuss your request further.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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