I recently had the pleasure of the lovely AmzyKat in the studio. The theme for our shoot was a masked ball. I made all the masks from foam using some of the skills I acquired from my visit to the Wizard. And Amy supplied the gowns.    

Model Portfolio Shoots The recent series of model portfolio shoots has now come to an end. We concluded this weekend with the visit of the bubbly Kerri and the lovely Nicole.

Another busy model weekend in the studio this week. On this occasion my assistants were the very lovely Miss Wiltshire 2014, Nicole Cox, and our studio assistant Haz.

As many of you who know me will already know, I do not generally photography people and model work is an unknown quantity altogether!! However, over the past couple of months John has suggested that I get to know the lighting in the studio a little better and that we engage some models so I can get the hang of it.