Useful Equipment

This page is to give details of some of the useful equipment I use and their associated links of where to buy them.

Please note: All the equipment listed is available for you to use on the workshops so there is no need for you to purchase anything before your arrival – unless of course you want to.


useful equipment - lighting

I first encountered the video lighting, shown in the image above, during a demonstration on a Mark Cleghorn photography workshop. Photographing extreme macro photography as regularly as I do I found the flashguns overheat and/or fail on a regular basis  and eats up a lot of batteries very very quickly. The flashing of the lights also made a small number of the invertebrates a little jumpy so I had been looking out for an alternative for some time, this video light is ideal.

I have been using 2 lights since the beginning of October 2013 and won’t be without them. They are very versatile and come complete with a diffuser, tungsten gel and barn doors; fully charged batteries last for approximately 4 hours. I have been using them on workshops from the start and the delegates that have used them so far are also impressed with them. They are great for a continuous source of light and I have found when shooting some of my bugs the invertebrates are more settled.

Sadly they have now been discontinued but I have found a similar alternative that uses the same batteries = Result!!

The Yongnou UN-300 LED Video light is even more versatile than the original lights. Not only does it come with barn doors and colour filters but the light temperature can be controlled either manually OR using the IR remote control. Sadly like all things these days the battery and battery charger have to be purchased separately so don’t forget to buy them too 🙂 The lights do come with a very small table clip but would be more stable on a light stand (one of several available), but again, make sure the stand you purchase has a hot shoe holder with it.

The camping lamps used on the Taster Workshops both come from 7Day Shop. They are not 100% ideal for macro photography as they give off a blue light but this can be rectified by changing the white balance in your camera or whilst editing. However, they can also be used around the house, in the garage, under the stairs or in the loft, in other words they WILL be found in all manner of places except in your home studio 😀

The bendy desk lamps were purchased from Clas Ohlson although I understand there are cheaper alternatives in Ikea, personally I’ve never been there so no idea!


useful equipment - lenses

For my workshops I use Close-up filters, Extension tubes, the Raynox DCR-250 Macro Conversion Lens and the Raynox MSN-202 Super Macro Lens.

I have not included links for the close-up filters or the extension tubes as they will vary from camera to camera.

Please check the filter thread of the Raynox lenses matches the lens you intend to use them with as they do vary.


Other useful tools:

useful equipment - wimberley-plamp


The Wimberley plamp is a useful tool to have about as it gives you an extra pair of hands when you need it.

The plamp can be attached to a secure surface, a tripod leg or to a branch or similar when working outside.

Plamps can be purchased from Bob Rigby Photographic Ltd.




Miniature reflectors are handy for working with small objects and easier to manage. I use the 30cm ones which are available in white, silver, gold and translucent, they are approximately £10 each.

Other useful items will be added to this page at delegates’ request.

* I have not shopped around looking for the cheapest price as prices do fluctuate from time to time. Nor have I gone from supplier to supplier as I like to shop in one place where I can.

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