Wizard of Foaminess

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The Wizard of Foaminess

In the past I’ve written about hidden surprises when taking an unexpected journey and  stepping out of ones comfort zone to follow an unexplored pathway; well it happened to me again at the end of March.

One Friday morning my friend Nedine announced she was going to see the Wizard of Foaminess to play with foam for the weekend. An hour later, after a very short conversation on Facebook, and I was going too. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for but it sounded like fun and I love to try something new, especially creative things.

Wizard Towers Workroom:

After getting up at some ridiculous hour, we set off to our Welsh destination singing “We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Odd …”.

We were welcomed into the Wizardy Towers Workroom by the Wizard of Foaminess himself, aka John Davis, and were allowed to touch and play with foamy bits.


To get us used to handling and cutting the foam we made an eagle’s head using the templates provided; yes, John let Nedine & I loose with sharp scalpels but in his defence he had only known us for 1/2 hour!! After some serious concentration and magnificent cutting skills, much giggling ensued as we tried hard not to get our fingers stuck to the foam as it dried.

Once we had completed our initiation task we were then invited to carry out and complete a piece of our choosing to take home with us. Nedine had already arranged with the Wizard to do a male breastplate for a planned photo shoot so set to work. I, on the other hand, had no idea what I wanted to do as until 24 hours before it was all very new to me. What I did know was that I wanted to create something pretty and practical that we could use for a shoot once we got back home so when the Wizard suggested a neck corset I jumped at the chance.

Creating a neck corset:

A random template from one many in the neck corset template drawer, yes he has that many template drawers, and I set to work. We used a nice pliable 45 LD foam that would also be soft on the neck and attached some lace and bead trimmings and finished the piece off with a lovely black lace edging. This time there was a bit of cursing when manipulating the foam and lots of ouches and muttering when burnt by the hot-glue gun – mental note to self IT’S BLOODY HOT!!!


Cutting and glueing the base pieces


Adding beads and the final creation.

So, was it worth getting up at stupid o’clock to go and play with a Wizard?

In short, very much so, yes. The amazing things you can do with foam!

And I very much love the neck corset I made, I now need to arrange a model to wear it 😀


The finished piece


Despite his cheerful, loveable persona I can quite safely say that John is a real grumpy, cantankerous old so-and-so (well that’s what he’s paid me to say) but a very talented one at that. What he doesn’t know about foam isn’t really worth knowing about- highly recommended!

Many thanks for a great weekend John and to Jackie for allowing us to raid your home, also thank you Ned for letting me join the party  😀

Welsh Wizard Workshops: (and you thought www stood for world wide web lol)

Sadly, John doesn’t have a website as yet so I can’t show you any of his wonderful creations, but he is currently being nagged at and may have one in the not too distant future 🙂

He regularly holds foaminess workshops at a very reasonable price, you can  contacted through Facebook or by email.

Since returning home I have decided that I will be doing another series of  model shoots and the foam will complete a missing part of the puzzle. I have ordered more foam, a couple of mannequins and some other items needed to complete the task ahead – watch this space as they say.


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