A little bit about me.

My interest in photography grew whilst studying for my Environmental Science degree with the Open University.


Photography played a large part in the way that I could record information about environments and habitats. The images were helpful in identifying plant, insect, lichen and bird species, rock formations and other items found on field-trips. They also played a valuable part in my assignments and dissertation as I used them to compliment my work and to show my findings. 


I would describe my photography style as scientific and educational which has developed into a love of all things macro, whether it's everyday objects in close up macro, extreme macro or in an abstract form. My inspiration comes from the flora and fauna subjects found in my garden and the gardens I frequent.


Over the past couple of years I have found myself creating more and more Fine Art images using various digital techniques allowing me to grow and develop as both a photographer and a digital artist. 


Over the years I have gained a number of qualifications and awards with my images. I also give presentations at a reknowned International photography convention, camera clubs and photographic societies, as well as gardening and horticultural societies in the area. If you would like me to visit your club or society, please get in touch.


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