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Hanging Your Art:

Your artwork is now framed and ready to hang – what next?

Hanging your art is relatively simple if you just stop and think about it logically before you start.

Hang it Securely 

Make sure you know the kind of wall you have – is it strong enough to support your artwork? What fixings will you be using?

If the wall is made of solid stone or brickwork screws in the wall are the best option to ensure your picture is secure. Most moderately sized pieces can be hung from two nails or screws, or a traditional picture hook but large or heavy works may need more substantial fixings. However, if the walls are plasterboard the weight of the framed artwork may cause damage to your wall. 

Why use two nails, screws or hooks? Mainly because it’s more secure and the artwork won’t shift in the frame over time.

Sticky velcro picture hooks can be a great temporary option for lighter works but they eventually lose their grip resulting in your picture falling off the wall! I tend to avoid them.

Get Creative

Grouping pictures together (known as a gallery wall) is great for an eclectic and homey feel, creating a cool feature in your room. Play around with different frames and arrangements. Try laying them out on the floor first to find a combination you are happy with, where possible use a similar area to the wall space. PInterest is great for ideas!

Measure, Check & Double Check

A couple deciding a hanging layout on the floor before hanging on the wall

Always double check from a distance where your picture(s) will be hung before drilling the hole for the hook. Have someone hold the picture in place (if possible) so you can see what it looks like in its surroundings.

Most importantly, ensure your picture is level! Use a spirit level or other measuring tool (there are plenty of phone apps that do this) and don’t rely on the naked eye.

Hang Your Picture At Eye Level

This option is different for everyone and depends on the size of the piece, but as a general rule of thumb aim for somewhere between 155 – 160cm off the ground. At this height the picture isn’t too high or low so everyone can enjoy your artwork. Also consider whether the picture is in reach of children, pets, or anything else that may damage it.

So what are you waiting for – get hanging? 


Curious about looking after your artwork?

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