Swindon Open Studios 2017

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My recent ventures into the Digital Art world has got me thinking about creating pieces of artwork to sell as an addition source of revenue. This then led to the inevitably obvious questions of: How do I go about it? How do I get my work seen? Is it really good enough? etc, you know the sort of questions I mean. So you can imagine my delight when a collective invitation to visit some of art studios that were opening as part of the Swindon Open Studios weekends appeared on the Stratton Camera Club FB page. Perhaps this was the inspiration and motivation I needed to move forward?

What is Swindon Open Studios?

Quite simply it’s 45 artists, in various parts of Swindon, opening the doors of their studios to visitors for 2 weekends; usually the middle 2 weekends in September. Sometimes a number of the artists exhibit together in a variety of other venues, including Swindon Central Library and Stanton Farmhouse, allowing you to see the work of several artists in one place.

What can I expect to see?

Anything and everything in all mediums: from paintings to drawings, from sculptures to mosaics, from embroidery to textiles, and from glass to ceramics and anything else you can think of. Each of the artists are on hand to discuss their work, with some giving demonstrations. All greet you with a warm, friendly smile and often come with a cuppa and some cake.

Who have I visited?

During the first weekend I visited Grange Community Centre to see the work of Marilyn Trew, Ruth Wintle and Lisa Lane. On display were a variety of paintings, acrylics, greetings cards and other arts and crafts. I had a really good chat with Marilyn and she has given me a few pointers and plenty of ideas for a way forward, which was really useful. Thank you Marilyn x

As a garden photographer imagine my delight to see the garden Sculpture of Pat Elmore at Longcot was taking part, and it was going to be open on the middle Wednesday. A lunchtime visit was in order but more about that in the next blog post.

The choices are endless for the 2nd weekend but the studios in East Swindon or Old Town are looking favourite at the moment.

Studio visits.

So far I have found that each of the artists I’ve visited have been very welcoming. All artwork on display is available to purchase. Many of the artists also run courses, if you fancy giving it a go yourself. One of the nicest things about each of my visits was that there’s no pressure to make a purchase or sign up for a course. Everyone I spoke to answered all of my endless questions with enthusiasm and passion for their chosen art is visible for all to see.

And perhaps most importantly for me, I’ve also discovered the inspiration and motivation I was looking for to take my digital art into another arena. 

So if you fancy looking, and possibly purchasing, some new artwork this coming weekend. Or fancy signing up to a course but don’t know which medium you’d like to try then take a look at what some of Swindon’s local artists have to offer. If you don’t live locally, take a look at what’s going on in the art scene in your area. You won’t be disappointed.

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