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There are occasions where you don’t want to add a mount to an image but still give the illusion of one being there. This can be done in Photoshop by extending the size of the canvas to create a border and then adding a keyline to distinguish the two.

Open the image you want to work with and make a duplicate layer.

Using the menu – Layer – Duplicate Layer OR use the shortcuts – Ctrl J / Cmd JAdding a keyline border in photoshop

Next you need to increase the size of the canvas:

Image – Canvas Size and in the dialogue box TICK the relative box, this will ensure that there is an even increase all around the image. Select your choice of measurement, I use inches. At the top you will notice that the current size of the image is 16 x 12, as you dial in the amount you want to increase the canvas to you should see these numbers change too giving you total control over the end size. To fit a 20 x 16 backing board, I have dialed in 4 inches on the width and 4 inches on the height. Select the background colour. For this image I have used black so as not to detract from the background of the existing image. When using this method for a qualification panel use the same colour throughout as this will add cohesion to the panel, it will also make the eye focus on the main image rather than a myriad of colours confusing the eye.

If you look over to the layers palette, you’ll notice Layer 1 now has a transparent border around the main image

To add a keyline, remain on Layer 1 and using the menu:

Edit – Stroke

In the dialogue box enter the size you want the keyline stroke to be and choose a colour. I usually stick to white or black depending on what colour my border is.

As the background and the new canvas border are both the same colour I could have picked one a colour from within the image using the colour picker but decided that white is crisper.

A simple, effective and cheaper alternative to buying mounts to present your images.

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